Money in your pocket can create a unique world for you. Many say that money can buy simply everything. If you wish to know what all your money could buy for you and specifically the costliest of the things, then here is a list of world’s most expensive items.


1. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster:

lamborghini-veneno-roadster Well, who hasn’t dreamt of driving a Lamborghini? It is a mind boggling machine that drives everyone crazy. Known for its light weight body, this Italian origin car has a starting price of $4.5 million. The most loved feature of this auto-mobile is its furious speed, for it reaches 100 kmph within a span of just 3 seconds!


2. Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland:

Hotel-President-Wilson-SwitzerlandLocated in Geneva city, this hotel could cost you exorbitant sum of around $80,000 per night! But then it is an ultra-luxurious hotel offering you an awe-inspiring view of the magnificent Alps. The hotel suite houses 12 sumptuous bedrooms and provides you private staff-a cook and a private assistant too!


3. Luanda, Angola:

Luanda-AngolaThe talk here is of one of the most expensive cities in the world. For many years, this city had no shopping malls, no cinema halls and no supermarkets. But today, it holds the title of being the most expensive city. Such is the level of high price here that a jeans would cost double the price as it costs in the city of London.


4. iPhone 4S Elite Gold:

iPhone-4S-Elite-GoldThere are already numerous iPhone lovers round the globe. The number is going to increase once you read ahead. As the name suggests, this iPhone is golden coloured, the speciality of it being diamond-studded. Yes, you read it right. Its body has around 500 diamonds and the apple icon has a rare pink coloured diamond. This iPhone is priced around $9 million.


5. Samoyed:

SamoyedWell, this is a dog’s breed. Dogs are known for their loyalty. While such emotions and qualities are priceless, this breed comes with a price tag-indeed a huge one. It is surprising to know that this breed could cost as high as $10,000, all thanks to its white coat and a stunning smile.


6. A.Lange & Sohne:

A.Lange SohneThis German brand is world’s most expensive watch. Priced more than $2 million, it is equipped with chronograph and also a calender alongside a moon phase display.

7. Ecosse ES1 Superbike:

Ecosse-ES1-SuperbikeThis two wheeled machine is every man’s dream. Its price falls just a million dollar short than the Lamborghini. Needless to say, the bike is fast, light and thoughtfully engineered. It is known for its electronic controls.


8. Aurora Diamante fountain pen:

Aurora-DiamanteOne simply doesn’t expect a huge price of such widely used item in our daily life- a pen. But this pen’s price will blow your mind. Priced a little less than $1.5 million, this fountain pen is the most expensive till date. If you are wondering about the reason for such an exorbitant price, the answer is again diamonds and platinum used in its making.


9. Diva vodka:

diva-vodkaWhile this vodka is special in itself, the unique feature is of the bottle in which vodka is stored. Diamonds are fitted in it so beautifully that while being poured, the vodka gets filtered though them. Depending on the type of diamonds used, this vodka could cost you anywhere between $0.4-$1 million.


10. Secret Circus Jeans:

Secret-Circus-jeansWho doesn’t own a pair of jeans? But then, this jeans has something unique about it. It is tagged for $1.3 million, thanks to the diamonds sewn on its rich black coloured pockets. To own this would mean to have the most expensive wardrobe!